All our fees are based on a project by project basis, according to the size of the proposed works and the role you would like us to play.


In general, we will fix our fee up front, and it is paid in stages based on specific milestones. That’s it. No hidden costs, any expenses are agreed upfront. 


You don’t have to think twice about calling us to discuss an issue because it will cost you more, or worry that we are encouraging you to spend more as we are taking a percentage on everything that you spend.


On larger projects, clients generally find that we more than pay for ourselves by working on a detailed build specification and budget to ensure that everything is budgeted for, and helping you to source fixtures and fittings using our contacts/trade accounts to achieve good discounts on your behalf.


We are flexible as to the level of our involvement in your project and are always happy to discuss this with you in order to provide the level of involvement you require.